Fitted Modern Bedrooms

fitted bedroom wardrobe unitfitted bedroom wardrobe unit (large pic)

People seem to have more clothes and possessions than ever. Add to this an en-suite bathroom, audio-visual, telecom, computer, coffee making facilities, a fridge (well, where do you draw the line?). Freestanding bedroom furniture doesn't seem an option any more. Only a bespoke, fitted bedroom solution will make the best use of the space available.

fitted bedroom alcove unitfitted bedroom alcove unit (large pic)

The modern bedroom is turning out to be just as multi-purpose as the kitchen or the office. Somehow you have to win the space war, maximise functionality and end up with a comfortable bedroom that is individual and intimate. Imagination and ingenuity are the key notes here.

If you've got a bedroom project in mind, you'll probably have thought long and hard about it already.

Let us make your bedroom ideas reality and suggest a few of our own.Tell us what you really want.

Fitted Home Office/Studies

corner desks in home officecorner desks (large pic)

Not so long ago, the home office was a mound of paperwork in a corner, possibly with a desk under it. How times have changed.

If you are working from home a workspace that works is the bedrock of your livelihood. But it's still your home. It must be comfortable as well as functional.

home officehome office (large pic)

Everyone needs something different from their home office furniture. An architect will need extra large drawers for flat storage of plans. For an artist, the office may double as a studio, so a sink becomes a necesessity. For someone with a wheelchair we can offer variable height desktops and wall cabinets that drop down for easy access.

Tell us how you work best, how you like to work. Together we can shape an environment that optimises productivity, creativity and lifestyle.

We will plan in partnership with you.

Interior Window Shutters

white plantation shutterswhite plantation shutters (large pic)

We are pleased to introduce our new range of custom made plantation window shutters. Plantation shutters were originally designed as an external window covering for hot climates. Now they are used internally because they offer versatility in light, ventilation and privacy simply not possible with curtains or blinds.

brown plantation shuttersbrown plantation shutters (large pic)

Interior plantation window shutters with adjustable louvers can be designed in many different styles, materials, louver sizes and colours with pricing options to match most budgets.

In conservatories, used as a roof light shutter, they offer a degree of flexibility just not found with other types, which are generally open or closed.

Interior plantation window shutters add style, add security and are aesthetically stunning, practical and durable.

Quality products at affordable prices available from QM Interiors.